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PHOTOS: Andray Blatche's 'Get Healthy' Coloring Book


I mentioned yesterday when leading into my one-on-one interview with Andray Blatche that he's been doing a lot of community work this summer.  Most notably, there was the trip to Jamaica to build a field and talk to kids.  Here's Blatche's other big initiative: a coloring book filled with tips on how to stay in shape.

As of right now, the book is only being sold given out in the Miami area and parts of South Carolina, but the idea is to also distribute it in the D.C. area. Blatche was handing it out had it with kids at the First Baptist Church of Glenarden on Saturday and will hand it out at schools.  He also was working on planting a garden with kids down south, I'm told.

Some photos of the pages in the book are below the jump, and yes, I know they're a bit goofy.  For what it's worth, Andray looked like he was in pretty good shape himself on Saturday.

UPDATE: A clarification via TomD8019 in the comments.

The Get Ready, Get Set, Get Healthy with Andray Blatche activity and coloring book is NOT for sale. Andray visits elementary schools whenever he has a chance throughout the school year. This year, he plans to GIVE the books to the students as he encourages them to eat healthy and exercise. He is also giving the students pedometers so that they can keep track of how many steps they take every day since Andray is also promoting walking as a means of exercise. He did not hand out the books at the Glenarden Community Day. He and some of his Foundation folks were taking a first look at the initial printing and it generated interest. Finally, of course, the pictures are goofy, they are cartoons for coloring created for elementary school children and each page is intended to convey a healthy message that hopefully, the students will remember. The goofier, the better, if it gets the message across.