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VIDEO: John Wall's Hoops Tour Makes A Stop In College Park

John Wall's Great Summer Tour Of Summer League And Pick Up Basketball made a stop in College Park earlier last week, where Wall balled with Michael Beasley, DeMarcus Cousins and a bunch of players on the Maryland basketball team. Anyone who has ever played ball at Maryland (which probably includes a lot of you, and also includes myself) probably recognizes the venue as the Maryland rec center courts, which means many of you have once played on the same court John Wall once played on.

UPDATE: Maybe not - it could be Comcast Center.

There's not much you can actually glean from Wall's play in this video, since it's so short and is cut so quickly. Then again, there's nothing much you can glean from any of Wall's many summer hoops pickup videos, so I wouldn't worry about trying to make too much out of it. Just enjoy the clips, since we won't be seeing much real basketball for a while.

(via Dime Mag)

UPDATE: Looks like DMVLeGenD had this a few days ago in the FanShots.