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John Wall, JaVale McGee Featured In ESPN The Magazine


When I saw Ball Hogs Radio tweet this photo of John Wall for the upcoming ESPN the Magazine, I had to get to the bottom of what the heck it meant.  So I asked them (I know, real investigative work right there), and here's the deal:

Wall is featured in the "Revenge of the Jocks" section this week, along with JaVale McGee.  (If you're wondering why jocks need any revenge, you're not alone.  So says the sports geek).  Basically, it's a section where athletes "pass the mic" and rant about a couple subjects to get them off their chest.  Wall and McGee both "passed the mic" this week.

Here's the Wall section:

"Find out who your real friends are.  Sometimes it seems like the person you're hanging with is the right person to be around, and then all of a sudden he might change or betray you.  It can be tough, but find the right people."

And here's the McGee section:

"I can't stand people I don't know touching me.  It makes me uncomfortable.  Wouldn't it be weird if I just ran up and touched them?  I don't mind high fives, but don't come up to me and act like you're posting up on me and stuff like that.  Here's what I want: be yourself, but don't touch me physically.  There's nothing wrong with just talking."

Of course Wall would use the "deep meaning" approach, while McGee would pick something random.  Anyway, thanks to Ball Hogs Radio for the help.