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Could Impact Basketball Las Vegas League Kick Off Player Exodus In Earnest?

Pro-am action has been water in the desert for starving NBA fans; who knew Summer League action was more satisfying than the alternative?  The formation of the Impact Basketball Las Vegas league most likely represents the apex of domestic basketball.  The fact of the matter is that the owners control the venues, problems with admission were rife at the Goodman/Drew game last month and the level of organization the NBA provides is being made absolutely clear.  I'm betting the conclusion of the two-week Impact Basketball league will see NBA players as a whole get truly serious with respect to heading overseas.

We may as well call these games goodwill exhibitions.  These scrimmages are showing the public the players want to play, reminding (with all the freewheeling offense) what we won't be seeing this winter and maybe even helping pad scouting reports for foreign stringers.

Ever see a flock of birds gathered on power lines?  It's been a Deron Williams here, a Trevor Booker there, but Wilson Chandler signing without an opt-out is the beginning of the mass take-off, one that could now include the Wizards' own Nick Young.  Players have been uneasily eyeing the future, and putting 75 of them together in the Impact Basketball League is putting an office's complement of workers around the water cooler with layoffs looming.

Everyone has their thoughts and plans.  Chances are they're going to sound their colleagues out and get an idea what their fellows are thinking.  For my money, the writing is on the wall and this flock is ready to migrate.