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Links: Javaris Crittenton Murder Charge Roundup, Gilbert Arenas' Twitter Feud And More

A few afternoon links for you.

  • In case you missed it below, here's the FBI's "WANTED" photo for Javaris Crittenton, which describes him as "armed and dangerous." Crittenton is currently in Los Angeles, having left Atlanta according to the FBI.
  • For all the latest on the Crittenton saga, SB Nation D.C.'s StoryStream is where you should be checking. 
  • A couple days ago, I reflected a bit on the Crittenton sagaMichael Lee did so as well today, and his reflection is far better than mine.
  • In non-Crittenton news, there's a pretty cool exhibition game going on in Baltimore tomorrow, featuring LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony. [SB Nation D.C.]
  • Here's the Melo League roster. Pretty stacked. [@craigstouffer]
  • Pretty cool sequence of pictures from Capital Punishment involving John Wall and JaVale McGee. [Truth About It]
  • Anyone else going out to the Goodman League finals tonight?  Durant, Ty Lawson, Austin Daye and Dante Cunningham are playing. 
  • Finally, comedian Joe Mande decided to compile a list of all of Gilbert Arenas' misogynistic Twitter avatars.  Arenas has responded in an epic Twitter rant that he's slowly deleted, but a screenshot of many of the tweets are below the jump.  Mande has been slowly responding with largely unfunny retorts on his own Twitter account here.  Warning: this entire thing is really stupid.





(After Mande noted how Arenas was awful last year...)