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John Wall To Play In Impact Basketball League In Las Vegas, According To Report

You may have heard about this Impact Basketball summer league in Las Vegas, in which trainer Joe Abunassar is trying to recruit a number of professionals to play in a pro-only two-week league in September.  John Wall's name was one of many listed in the original HoopsWorld report about the league.  Now, he has confirmed to Michael Lee of the Washington Post that he will be playing.

He also might recruit a number of his teammates.  Via Lee's story:

Abunassar said he expects Wall to reach out to some of his Wizards teammates to participate, which could give the league the feel of a mini-training camp. Nick Young and Jordan Crawford both work out at the Impact facility in Reseda.

"A guy like John, he's going to get on the phone and get a couple of his teammates here, so they can play together," Abunassar said. "The guys in Vegas, they are already dividing their teams.

The league is probably going to be capped at 64 players, which would allow eight teams of eight to play.  It looks like games will begin on September 12, with streaming video a possibility.  Lee has the full list of players involved, and from the sounds of it, guys like Wall, Blake Griffin, Kevin Durant and others are trying to get their teammates to play with them.