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Paul Shirley Makes A Not-Funny JaVale McGee Joke

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nick javale 2 on 2
nick javale 2 on 2

Paul Shirley is the former Phoenix Suns player who started a blog based on his experiences riding the bench with the Phoenix Suns.  He used his fame to write a book about the places he's played and all the experiences he's had on the fringes of the NBA life.  He's also not really funny, as evidenced by this tweet.

I just recognized JaVale McGee at Benihana. What are the chances that he recognized me, or, knows how to read?less than a minute ago via Twitter for Android Favorite Retweet Reply


"You know, because he's a basketball player that looks goofy and sometimes wants to be a point guard! Up top, bro!"

(The photo is from @Lika..., who was tweeting as McGee and Nick Young were playing two on two in Venice Beach in Los Angeles.  I'm guessing video will be out soon).