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Maurice Evans Tees Off On NBA Lockout, Owners' Proposal

Despite exploring overseas options, Mo Evans remains one of the key decision-makers driving the NBA Players Association during this NBA lockout.  That means that when he gives interviews about the state of the lockout, it's worth noting.

In an interview with Ken Berger of CBS Sports, Evans said the players are ready to negotiate again, which they will be doing next week.  He also explained the purpose of the regional meetings the players have been conducting, which don't exactly give much hope that a resolution is coming anytime soon.

The players have been flustered by Stern's public characterization of the owners' position in recent media appearances, and Evans said the purpose of the regional meetings is to "inform the players" of how Stern has been untruthful and "very inaccurate" in his portrayal of what the owners have proposed.

Stern's characterization, of course, is best summed up by his interview with BIll Simmons, in which he kept parroting the line about how the players' proposal raises their average salary.  Tom Ziller notes why that's a complete mischaracterization. 

Evans, meanwhile, also talked to Sports Illustrated's Sam Amick about the owner's offers and didn't pull any punches, calling them "pathetic."  If you're looking for a detailed reason why the NBA's numbers are misleading, read Evans' interview with Amick.  It's impossible to blockquote it judiciously.

In both interviews, Evans said the players are willing to sit out a season to get things right if need be.  Buckle up, folks.  This one might be a while