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Links: Andray Blatche's Birthday, Capital Punishment Recapping

A bunch of links to tide you over:

  • Why couldn't Yi Jianlian dunk like that with the Wizards? [Fanshot]
  • Andray Blatche is celebrating his 25th birthday with this Wizards cake. Also, John Wall is wishing him well and (I believe) in attendance in Miami. [Truth About It]
  • Capital Punishment recaps to read: [Andrew Sharp | Beckley Mason | Kyle Weidie | DCIst | Michael Lee | Sports Illustrated | @jose3030's photos]
  • Mason, for Hoopspeak, on the McGee/Cousins matchup: Cousins, however, impressed even more. If a typical box score was available, I've no doubt the Kings center would have easily tallied the highest plus-minus rating. He was a bully, blasting smaller players (including McGee) out of the way and using his long arms and soft hands to gather nearly every carom (nevermind that he finished the game with seven or eight fouls). Cousins does many things well- reliable shooting form, nifty passing, exquisite footwork near the rim-but the thing that really jutted out at me was his dexterity. He has incredibly skilled hands for such a young, humongous player.
  • A good look at Kevin Durant's Redskins shoes [Truth About It]
  • Miles Rawls dominated the trash-talking game. [Capital Games]
  • Unsurprisingly, the two leagues couldn't stop trash talking the day after the game. [SB Nation D.C.]
  • John Wall seems happy at the afterparty at Love. [Photo]
  • Finally, because we remember him too, here's Rex Chapman singing "When Doves Cry." [SB Nation Arizona]