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Really quick recap of Capital Punishment

I'm heading out the door to return home, but here's a really quick recap of what you need to know as a Wizards fan from Capital Punishment, the battle between the Goodman League and Drew League last night.

  • John Wall looked faster that I've seen him for a while, and his passing instincts also looked a lot better than what I had seen.  His jumper, though, still looked broken, and there were times where he was too fast for his own good.  Nevertheless, in a game with Kevin Durant involved, I was impressed and pleasantly surprised that he was the dominant ball-handler on most late possessions.  He ended with 28 points, most of which came in the fourth quarter.
  • JaVale McGee definitely had his issues guarding DeMarcus Cousins one-on-one, but it did look like his help instincts had improved a bit.  He had a couple really impressive blocks, including catching Gary Neal's floater in impressive fashion. 
  • There was one point where Miles Rawls clowned Nick Young on the mic for not attending the game because of not being named MVP.   Obviously, Young has a different account.  Here's McGee's take, via Michael Lee of the Washington Post: "He was supposed to come, but he didn’t," McGee said. "He tried to get his ticket too late. And it was too expensive. He figured it wasn’t worth it."
  • The game is available via replay on, though I think it's only for paid subscribers.
  • Couple highlights below the jump.

Top 10 plays.

JaVale on Neal: