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VIDEO: Nick Young's 60-Point Game At Drew League Last Weekend

When we told you that Nick Young dropped 60 points in a Drew League game in Los Angeles last weekend, we also said we'd try to get video as soon as possible.  Thanks to the fine folks at Digital Dreams Videography, here is video of Nick's 60-point game. In fact, this appears to be video of most of his points scored, even down to the free throws.

As you can see, it's mostly on jumpers, but there are some drives to the basket and some free throws mixed in as well.  It looks like he got most of his points in the second half, since most of the highlight comes with him going right to left after he started left to right. 

As noted before, Young's team ended up losing the game, which I'm sure will make some people chuckle.  Young also didn't exceed what Kevin Durant did at Rucker Park yesterday.  Nevertheless, 60 points is pretty impressive too.