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Nick Young Not In Goodman/Drew Game Because He's 'Upset' About Not Being Named MVP (UPDATED)

UPDATE: Nick Young's response to all this, on Twitter:

Y'all think I really care about winning MVP @drewleague come on man I play n that 2 get good run and work on moves I practice #RyouSerious

The Drew League's response is here.  My response is here.


UPDATE: Waiting for more on this, but here's what Sarah Kogod of NBC Washington just put out there:

Just got off the phone with #wizards @nickswagypyoung 's people. He is still in the lineup for Goodman/Drew this weekend. #endthepanic


You may remember Nick Young tweeting his displeasure at not being named the MVP of the Drew League this summer, despite gaudy scoring numbers.  Many of us figured it was a one-off tweet and that there wasn't any lingering displeasure on Young's end.  It looks like we might have been wrong about that.

That's because Drew League commissioner Dino Smiley told Yahoo! Sports' Marc Spears that Young is not playing in the game because he's upset about now being named MVP.

[Derrick] Williams replaced Washington Wizards guard Nick Young on the roster, Smiley added, because Young is upset about not being named MVP of the Drew League. That honor was given to Long Beach State senior guard Casper Ware, who was voted in by the fans via the Internet.

That's really unfortunate, especially because it was a fan vote.  C'mon, Nick.  If true, this is pretty weak, and it certainly doesn't help the selfish perception he's trying to shake.

(One potential caveat: the way it's worded, it's a little unclear whether Nick protested and asked off the roster or whether Smiley, upset with Nick's tweet, told him not to play.  I find it hard to believe it's the latter, but the wording is a bit ambiguous).

UPDATE: Via Michael Lee:

Nick Young was replaced on Drew League roster by No. 2 overall Derrick Williams. Why? "He's got a little attitude," Smiley said of Young.

UPDATE: More Lee:

Nick Young was upset he didn't win Drew League MVP. Smiley said Young hasn't picked up his phone since. "He may end up playing with Goodman"

UPDATE: Smiley tells Lee he plans to "waive" Young because Young won't answer his phone.