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Links: Nick And JaVale Show Episode 1, John Wall Vs. Dominican Republic

  • Here's episode one of the Nick and JaVale Show, which consists of Nick missing a bunch of dunks.  Considering the preview, this was pretty disappointing.  I want more of Nick and JaVale together, dammit! [Capital Games]
  • More JaVale: here's him dominating one the worst pickup games YouTube will ever record. [Capital Games]
  • Kevin Seraphin says he has two offers to play in Spain and one to return to his old French club team. []
  • John Wall says he is going back to school and will take classes online if the lockout ends. [AP]
  • An update on Jan Vesely's situation. [Michael Lee]
  • So Wall played in the Kentucky-Dominican game last night, finishing with 15 points, three rebounds and two assists. [AP Recap | Wall's reaction | Impressions/reactions | Photos]
  • Shelvin Mack apparently showed up to see Wall play. [@BUMack1]
  • In case you were curious about the trash talk Wall took part in during his Pro-Am game in North Carolina last week, here are subtitles with what he said. [Capital Games]
  • This was a pretty good look at how Wall's season stacks up against other recent point guards. [Alone in the Green Room, who also did this Nick Young/Jordan Crawford post]
  • ESPN, for some reason, is ranking the NBA players from 500-1.  Such a ridiculous exercise, but whatever, it's their right. Six Wizards or former Wizards come in between 401-500: Lester Hudson (496), Hamady Ndiaye (486), Larry Owens (482), Shelvin Mack (469), Othyus Jeffers (450) and Kevin Seraphin (435). 
  • Wall was 42nd on CBS' Top 100 list. [Eye on Basketball]
  • Really good story on former Bullet Larry Stewart from the team website. []
  • Alyssa Milano is modeling for the Wizards team store. [Truth About It]
  • TOMZILLA on the split within the owners' group during the lockout. [SB Nation]
  • This is amazingly stupid on the part of the Chinese Basketball Association.  So you're going to turn down all these great NBA players unless they play a whole season in your league when European teams are letting them play for them?  Good plan, guys. [Woj]
  • Hell yes: LeBron James getting the ball stolen, then being dunked on. [YouTube]