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VIDEO: Nick Young Jokes Wizards Can Win Title If There's Half A Season

This is an amazing find by Sarah Kogod of Capital Games. As you can see, Nick Young and JaVale McGee have their own show, which appears to be from some company called Ford Production Films. This is the teaser for the first episode, and it's unbelievably hilarious. There's JaVale McGee insisting he be called "Pierre" for the ladies, which is pure comedy. There's also McGee showing off his tattoos gleefully.

But best of all, there's Young doing this at the end of the video:

Q: Are we ready for a championship out of the Wizards this year?

A: Oh, most definitely. If we play half a season, we got a chance.

Nick tries to keep a straight face, but can't and eventually starts laughing. It's classic Nick, and it's one reason why many love him.

Now, granted, it may not be wise for someone to laugh about something like this, but let's be real: the show is supposed to be goofy, and it's frankly impossible for anyone on the Wizards to answer that question seriously.