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Nick Young Drops Drew League High 60 Points In Loss

If there was an award for Summer League exploits, the Washington Wizards would be way up there at the top of the NBA. We've discussed John Wall's summer tour, which included this scintillating performance in Baltimore's Melo League earlier in the week, but it's not just Wall who is hooping like crazy this summer. Nick Young is too, and he might have come through with the performance of the summer.

Young scored an insane 60 points in his latest game in the Drew League on Sunday, the highest mark ever scored in a Drew League game. There's no video available yet, but rest assured, once there is, we'll find it. Alas, Young's exploits came in a losing effort, as his team, the Young Grangers, lost and missed out on the playoffs. I'm not sure who Young's teammates are, but clearly they need to step it up a bit.

And yes, I'm sure someone will make the joke that this just shows Young never passes. Bring it on. I'm ready.