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Happy July 4!

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I took a bit of a break over the holiday weekend, which explains the lack of posting.  But while I'm here, I just wanted to wish everyone a happy July 4.  I hope you all are spending time with loved ones and basking in the glow of the weather and the fireworks.

Normal site posting will resume on Tuesday.  There may be a lockout, but we have several things we plan on writing about.  Namely:

  • You'll notice we cut short the player evaluations to go full-speed into draft coverage.  That was deliberate.  We planned on picking those up after the lockout began to facilitate discussion.
  • There were a number of additions to those player evaluations that hit the chopping block.  Some of those will resume this summer.  BNIE has some cool stuff coming on each player.
  • Between me, Sean and Michael Katz of SB Nation D.C., we attended and covered every single home game.  There's a lot of down time during those games, which mean there's a lot of small talk and random interviews.  Over the summer, we'll collectively share some of those random stories and hopefully give you some insight into the players beyond the quotes they usually give.
  • That's just the tip of the iceberg.  We have a number of other ideas we can go to as well.

So enjoy the 4th, everyone, and know that we'll be back.