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Wizards Players-Only Workouts? Organized By Andray Blatche?

Andray Blatche is probably the last guy I would guess to be the one to organize a series of players-only workouts for the Washington Wizards during the NBA lockout.  I'd probably have John Wall's name on that list first, followed by a veteran like Rashard Lewis or even Josh Howard.  But no, according to this story by YNN News up in Syracuse (Blatche's hometown), it is Blatche that will be organizing the charge.

In the meantime, Blatche says he's been working out in Miami and South Carolina and is organizing an unofficial team practice to be held in D.C. Asked if he might follow the lead of some of his NBA counterparts and play overseas if the lockout drags on, he says he has not yet thought about it.

That would certainly be a good sign.  It doesn't change anything about Blatche's past, and he still needs to prove he is willing to get it done in workouts, not on-court stuff.  But it's certainly a nice sign of leadership if it is indeed true.  Kudos, Dray.

(Via Truth About It)