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Where Are All The Wizards Now? A Tracker (UPDATED)

In case you were wondering where all the members of the Washington Wizards are right now, here's a list, based on media reports and some firsthand information.  If there's some uncertainty, it will be noted, but here's our best guess.

Note: if you know more information, feel free to post so we can update this periodically. 

John Wall: Traveling the world, or more accurately, the U.S.  Was in Los Angeles last weekend participating in Baron Davis' celebrity kickball game.  Actually won MVP.

Andray Blatche: As far as I know, he's still in Miami.

JaVale McGee: Just returned from the Philippines, where he pulled off the dunk/block/plank hat trick in an exhibition game.  Was in Los Angeles before.

Nick Young: Also in Los Angeles.  Was in the same kickball game Wall was in.

Jordan Crawford: Not 100% on this, but I believe he's also in Los Angeles.  Also, his Twitter account is hilarious.

Jan Vesely: No idea.

Mo Evans: Not really sure.

Chris Singleton: My understanding is he's back in Tallahasse working out and helping out with his clothing line, but I'm not 100 percent on that.

Trevor Booker: Arrived back in D.C. recently and has been working out here with his trainer.

Rashard Lewis: No clue Hanging out in Houston (via isum)

Kevin Seraphin: Training for the World Euro Championships with the French National Team.

Yi Jianlian: Playing in something called the Stankovic Cup for Team China (via satchmore and @addc)

Othyus Jeffers, Larry Owens: No clue.

Shelvin Mack: Working out back in Butler, at least according to what he said in his last public appearance. Played in a summer league at IUPUI earlier this month.

Hamady NDiaye: Currently in Africa seeing his family, but will return to D.C. to work out.  I've been told that NDiaye was a regular at the Verizon Center before the lockout began and impressed the Wizards in the meantime.

Josh Howard: Last I heard was his celebrity basketball charity game in Dallas in June.