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Links: JaVale McGee's Twitter Beef With Michael Wilbon, Jan Vesely's Stats Revisited

Here are  few links for you during this lockout times.  Admittedly, things are slow.

  • The schedule came out yesterday, and while it will probably be revised if the season doesn't start on time, there was some analysis of it. [Wizards Extreme, SB Nation D.C., CSN Washington, ESPN]
  • If you're trying to figure out how difficult the Wizards' schedule is by comparison to the rest of the league, this is an essential resource. [NBA Stuffer]
  • A second look at Jan Vesely's European stats and how they may translate.  This look is more positive. [Truth About It]
  • Nick Young does an interview from outside the Drew League and sort of discusses why he won't play in the Goodman League anymore. [ESPN Los Angeles, via SB Nation D.C.]
  • Michael Wilbon questions JaVale McGee's attire at the ESPYs.  JaVale McGee responds by saying Wilbon has "women's tendencies."  Wonderful. []
  • Speaking of McGee, he's heading to the Philippines to play in an exhibition with Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, Derrick Rose, Chris Paul and others. He also can't wait to plank there.
  • Finally, here's an Elvin Hayes commercial from 1983. [Ball Don't Lie]