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Washington Wizards 2011-12 Schedule Released, Team Begins At Home Vs. Nets

The Washington Wizards' 2011/12 schedule has been released, and the Washington Wizards will begin the season at home against Deron Williams and the New Jersey Nets on November 2 at 7 p.m.  This, of course, assumes the season will actually happen and start on time. 

The Wizards then go through a brutal five-game stretch: vs. Orlando, at Miami, at Orlando, vs. Chicago and at the Lakers.  There's also three more road games following that, meaning six of the teams' first nine are on the road. 

The Wizards are only scheduled to have one national TV game: at home vs. Toronto in the season finale on April 18, which is a really strange game to have at the end of the year.  My guess is that'll be bumped.  The Wizards are scheduled to play five games on NBATV.

The full Wizards schedule is here.  We'll provide more highlights later.

UPDATE: I count 21 back-to-backs (8 home/road, 7 road/road, 6 road/home), which is on the high side, but not incredibly so.