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Washington Wizards 2011-12 Schedule To Be Released At 2 P.M., Despite NBA Lockout

In a weird twist of irony, the NBA is releasing the full 2011/12 schedule, even though the league is currently in the middle of the NBA lockout. The announcement is scheduled for 2 p.m. today on NBATV, and it's coming three weeks before last season because the NBA wanted to wait last year to account for the free agency derby. In other words, the fact that one NBA institution has been put on hold has become a reason for another NBA institution to be accelerated. Explain that one to me.

A couple of the marquee matchups have been leaked. The Mavericks and Heat will indeed play on Christmas Day, and opening night will include a game between the Bulls and Mavericks. Because the Wizards were bad last year, they are not really involved in any "marquee" matchups. Therefore, no parts of their schedule have been leaked yet.

Obviously, anything announced today is subject to change as long as the lockout lasts. Anyone else ready for the most pointless schedule announcement ever?