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Abe Pollin Deserves A Monument By Verizon Center

In a speech to the National Press Club yesterday, Ted Leonsis mentioned something I've been thinking of a lot over the past year or so. Leonsis talked a lot about the role of a sports team in the community, and eventually, he mentioned Abe Pollin's name. Leonsis said that while it's nice that Pollin has a street named after him, he really should have a monument of some kind.

Via Michael Lee:

"I often laugh that it's nice that they put a sign there, but it probably should be a monument somewhere," Leonsis said. "Because he turned around, because of his vision, the downtown community. We have the Verizon Center, right near the Mall, right near the Capitol, right near the White House. It's becoming an iconic piece of real estate. It activates local commerce."

My understanding is that Leonsis was just throwing the idea out there, and there aren't any plans as of now to build something like that.  But it's a really good idea, and one I fully support.  Given all Pollin has done for the city, he deserves some recognition.  No matter how his teams did, his work in the community, his commitment (both financial and otherwise) to building a stadium in downtown Washington D.C. and his loyalty have made such a huge impact in so many areas.

I realize that Pollin himself may not have wanted this, but I think it's appropriate. Thoughts?