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VIDEO: John Wall Tears Up Julius Hodge In North Carolina Pro-Am Game

Remember when clips of John Wall playing in the Goodman League surfaced, and some of us got worried because he looked kind of slow and unable to jump very high? I think we can now safely say he just wasn't trying hard. Wall played in a Greater N.C. Pro-Am Summer League game near his hometown of Raleigh last night against a team captained by former N.C. State star Julius Hodge, and as you can see, he kind of tore him up in that video.

The stats may not have reflected it -- Hodge scored 20, while Wall only had 12 -- but some of these moves are insane. Also, Wall made the big play, drawing a foul with 0.9 seconds left to give his team a two-point win. Here's a report from the Charlotte Observer:

But Wall got the best of Hodge in the end, drawing a foul in a tied game with 0.9 seconds left and making his free throws to give Triangle Gastroenterology a 73-71 win over 751 South in a Greater NC Pro-Am summer league game on Tuesday night at N.C. Central.

"This is the type of game I like when the crowd gets into it, packed house, you put on a show," Wall said. "It's different than running plays. It's kind of like street ball, but it's inside so I enjoy playing in it."

Obviously, the video only included Wall's good plays and not his bad plays, but it's safe to say he looks just fine.

(Hat tip to Chris Littmann, as well as lovebookershustle for having this first)

UPDATE: Better video below the jump.