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Bullets Forever 'Be the GM' Contest Winner

The contest has concluded, thanks to everyone who participated: Johnnie Futbol, zl, jmpalomo, believe_the_curse, MR, cuppettcj, Revan1000, Rook 6980, khrabb, satchmore, kyleMaroc, GJennings, steadyhand, Elvin_is_my_Elvis, Dutch Hoopfan, BobbyD1978, fballplyr92, FireErnieNow!, Aquamaneastfish, Jake Whitacre, and Jheiser3.

zl, believe_the_curse, satchmore, kyleMaroc, steadyhand, Elvin_is_my_Elvis, BobbyD1978, and Jake Whitacre all correctly predicted a quiet night on the trade front.  Tobias Harris was a name popping up fairly often at #18, but of course no one expected Chris Singleton to fall that far.  Nolan Smith was popular at #34, and the Trailblazers selected him all the way up at #21.  Finally, at #6 Kawhi Leonard was the popular choice.  Another victim of draft freefall, there was only one would-be GM who called Jan Vesely at #6: kyleMaroc.  Congratulations, Kyle!

Once again, thanks to the guys at twoeightnine design for making the contest possible.  kyleMaroc, send me an email, and I'll get you sorted.  Beware, I will submit my own ineligible entry in 2012.  Next time, I'll be deadly serious next time!  The contest winner's tiebreaker below the jump.

1. Cavaliers select Kyrie Irving

2. Timberwolves select Derrick Williams

3. Jazz select Enes Kanter

4. Cavaliers select Jonas Valanciunas

5. Raptors select Brandon Knight

6. Wizards select Jan Vesely

7. Kings select Kemba Walker

8. Pistons select Kawhi Leonard

9. Bobcats select Bismack Biyombo

10. Bucks select Marcus Morris

11. Warriors seelct Tristan Thompson

12. Jazz select Jimmer Fredette

13. Suns select Chris Singleton

14. Rockets select Donatas Motiejunas

15. Pacers select Marshon Brooks