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2011 NBA Draft News: Chad Ford's Latest Mock Draft, And More

A couple quick NBA Draft updates, beyond Chad Ford's lines in his chat about the possibility of the Timberwolves being "intrigued" by trading the No. 2 pick for JaVale McGee. (Speaking of, keep in mind that a) it's a rumor, and b) Ford said "I think" before it, which means it's possible there's some guess-work happening.  Ford's pretty plugged in, though, and I doubt he'd pass something along if there wasn't any truth to it).

First, Ford came out with his latest mock draft, and he has the Wizards selecting Kawhi Leonard at No. 6 and Marshon Brooks at No. 18.  I'm guessing the fact that Leonard was in for a workout yesterday and Brooks is in today was not a coincidence in that decision.  Also, in his chat, Ford said Leonard got "great feedback" from his workout yesterday and is a "strong possibility" at No. 6.  I got the sense that he did well too.

Meanwhile, the Wizards' brass is heading over to Italy this weekend to watch the Adidas Eurocamp in Treviso, where they'll get a good look at guys like Jonas Valanciunas, Jan Vesely and Bismack Biyombo.  Here's what's interesting, though.  According to Jonathan Givony of Draft Express, the Wizards have joined Toronto and Utah to watch Jan Vesely in the Serbian League Finals prior to the camp.  (As to who, specifically, my understanding is Ernie Grunfeld is back here watching the workouts at Verizon Center and assistant GM Tommy Sheppard is in Italy.  Also, Michael Lee says we should "keep an eye" on the Vesely thing).  Tomorrow, five teams (Toronto, Detroit, Utah, Charlotte and Golden State) are going to Spain to watch Bismack Biyombo conduct a private workout, but Washington is not among them, according to Givony

That's a bit odd.  Of course, the Wizards, and everyone else, will see Biyombo at the camp.  But maybe this means something.