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Enes Kanter Not Scheduled To Work Out For Washington Wizards

This is some interesting news from Michael Lee (who continues to do a bang-up job on the beat).  According to Enes Kanter's agent, the Wizards haven't talked to him about scheduling a workout for his client.

"Listen, we like Washington. I haven't heard anything from them," said Kanter's agent, Max Ergul. "I guess they know he's not going to be there at six. So, until they do something about it, it seems like they are not going to give me a call for workout."    

So that's a little odd.  But before you freak out, a couple points to consider:

  • There's still some time for the Wizards to bring in Kanter if they really wanted.  It's June 5, and the draft is still two and a half weeks away.  Lee reports that the Wizards "remain hopeful" that they can see Kanter work out, either in Chicago, where he is training, or in Washington.
  • Workouts aren't always that instructive anyway. The Wizards have seen plenty of tape on Kanter, and they saw him play three weeks ago at the combine in Chicago.  They also interviewed him and several other prospects there.  Clearly, they have done their homework, and the individual workout is really not as important as all the other stuff the team has done already.  Teams draft guys they don't work out all the time.  The Wizards didn't work out Kevin Seraphin, but that obviously wasn't a deterrent in making a trade to get him last year.
Nevertheless, it's certainly a bit strange, especially considering that the Wizards are getting a good look at pretty much every other prospect rumored to be picked near them in the next week or so.