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A Brief Look At The Wizards' Salary-Cap Situation

Since it became a topic of discussion in the last thread, here's a look at the Wizards' salary-cap situation for next year.  There's obviously a lot of caveats because of the new Collective Bargaining Agreement, but while working on a feature on a similar topic for, I decided to clarify a few things with regards for the Wizards.  Data is from HoopsHype and Sham Sports.


1.  Rashard Lewis: $22.15 million*
2.  Andray Blatche: $6.44 million
3.  John Wall: $5.53 million
4.  JaVale McGee: $2.46 million**
5.  Kevin Seraphin: $1.68 million
6.  Trevor Booker: $1.29 million
7.  Jordan Crawford: $1.12 million

TOTAL: $40.67 million

QUALIFYING OFFERS (for more on how these work, click here)

8.  Nick Young: $3.66 million
9. Othyus Jeffers: $1.06 million
10. Hamady Ndiaye: $963,872
11. Larry Owens: $963,872

TOTAL: $6.64 million

TOTAL TO DATE: $47.31 million


12. Jan Vesely: $2.63 million***
13. Chris Singleton: $1.28 million***
14.  Shelvin Mack: $473,604****

TOTAL: $4.38 million

TOTAL WASHINGTON WIZARDS' SALARY COMMITTED: $51.69 million for 14 players*****

It's not quite clear what the cap will look like under a new CBA.  Last year, the cap level was $58.044 million.  There's been talk of a "flex" cap of $62 million, which is really just a high hard cap.  Regardless, we don't really know. 

So will the Wizards have cap room?  A lot depends on the free agents with the qualifying offers.  I suspect Young will be back with the team with a higher first-year salary level than his qualifying offer.  The other three are trickier to tell -- the Wizards could always rescind the qualifying offer (normally, the deadline is July 23, but this isn't a normal year).  If I had to guess, I figure Ndiaye will be back, Owens will not and Jeffers is a wild card.   

I doubt the Wizards will be all that active in free agency anyway, but there does appear to be a bit of room in case they want to add a cheap big man like Nazr Mohammad (UPDATE: nevermind), or Aaron Gray, another shooter (I like Reggie Williams of Golden State) or possibly a veteran backup point guard (maybe Earl Watson or Anthony Carter).

*: Could be eliminated from cap with a clause like the 2005 Allan Houston rule, though it would mean the team couldn't take advantage of his partially-guaranteed deal in 2012/13.

**: Up for an early contract extension, at least under the terms of the current CBA that will likely go away.

***This uses the rookie scale projection here, which could be a bit off under a new CBA

****This was the salary of Armon Johnson, last year's No. 34 pick.  It also could be a bit off.

*****: Reminder: this is just a rough projection.  The new CBA could alter that number slightly.