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Washington Wizards Select Chris Singleton With No. 18 Pick In 2011 NBA Draft

With the No. 18 pick in the 2011 NBA Draft, the Washington Wizards have selected Chris Singleton.  Chris Singleton has been on most of our radars since Rook (my Oprah) first mentioned how a broken foot was hurting his draft stock.  Even after four lottery prospects withdrew from the draft, our man fell through the cracks like pixie dust.  And I say pixie dust because this man can fly.  Forced to be a primary option for the Seminoles, that simply isn't his strength.  Singleton looks to be the 3-and-D player made for the John Wall project, he was made for us.  Shooting 36% from 3 point land won't wow anyone, but the potential is there, and his catch and shoot numbers (which is what he'll be doing) are right there.  His ultimate appeal is in his elite defensive potential.  Elite is a that I hate to use, and this this draft?  Cheers, basketball gods.  Cheers.  P.S. Elite