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NBA Draft 2011: Ernie Grunfeld Says Washington Wizards Will Look For 'Bigger Player'

I didn't make too much of it yesterday, but it was enough for Michael Lee of the Washington Post to make it into a full article, so we'll note in here. During his press conference following the Wizards' workout on Tuesday, Ernie Grunfeld admitted that the Wizards are probably going to draft a frontcourt player in tomorrow's NBA Draft.

"We're probably looking for a bigger player if possible," Grunfeld said after the team conducted two workouts on Tuesday morning. "But you never know. If somebody slips to us - and it could be a guard that we have ranked a lot higher - it could be somebody that we take a close look at. But in all likelihood, we'll be looking for a front-court player if possible."

In Ernie-speak, that's giving away about as much as he usually would. But keep in mind that this doesn't really narrow the field much. In Ernie's world (and in many GMs', it should be noted), guys like Jan Vesely and even Derrick Williams qualify as "bigger players." You know that, for better or worse, if the Wizards draft Vesely, Grunfeld will tout his size and his versatility. I suspect the same is true of Kawhi Leonard, though that's a little dicier.

So really, the applicant pool is now down to ... Enes Kanter, Jonas Valanciunas, Bismack Biyombo, Jan Vesely, Derrick Williams in a trade-up and maybe still Kawhi Leonard too. In other words, we're right back where we were yesterday.