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Chad Ford NBA Mock Draft Has Wizards Taking Kawhi Leonard, Markieff Morris, Travis Leslie

Chad Ford's latest NBA Mock Draft is here, and it comes with some surprises.  The first, to me, is that the Wizards are taking Kawhi Leonard at No. 6.  This isn't a surprise in and of itself.  What is more surprising is that it happens because both Enes Kanter and Jan Vesely are off the board.  Also, it's surprising to see some of the names being considered other than Leonard:

The Wizards need rebounding and would love it if Enes Kanter was still on the board. They also have been huge fans of Vesely and would jump at the chance to take him here. But if they're both off the board, this pick comes down to Leonard, Tristan Thompson and Klay Thompson.

It might be a tough call for the Wizards, but the smart money is on Leonard. The Wizards have been all over him all year. He's tough, he's versatile and if he ever learns to really shoot the basketball ... watch out.

I think you all know how I feel about Leonard at this point.  Taking him over Tristan Thompson and Bismack Biyombo would be a mistake, in my opinion.  I'm also surprised Klay Thompson is getting love this high.  I like him, but his defensive deficiencies are too much to take him at No. 6.

Ford also has the Wizards taking Markieff Morris at No. 18, which I approve, and Travis Leslie of Georgia at No. 34.  He has my personal favorite in Jimmy Butler going one pick earlier at No. 33.  I'd rather take Charles Jenkins, Malcolm Lee or Nolan Smith as a backup to John Wall, but Leslie's OK.