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Wizards 2011 NBA Draft Board Discussion

I'm on a brief vacation before shipping up to New York for the draft, so this will be quick.  Our draft board project kind of dead-ended, and left us here.

  1. Derrick Williams
  2. Enes Kanter
  3. Kyrie Irving
  4. Jonas Valanciunas
  5. Jan Vesely
  6. Kawhi Leonard
  7. Chris Singleton
  8. Jimmer Fredette

Jimmer at 8 is kind of insane, but whatever.

Anyway, let's use this space to discuss our favorite guys remaining and whether there is anyone left that you'd pick at No. 6.  Personally, I'd choose Bismack Biyombo over most of these guys going up to 5, because his defensive potential is legit and in today's NBA, it's so hard to pass on that.  I don't really care if he can't score, to be honest. 

But who else do you all like?  The Morris twins are still there.  So is Alec Burks, Marshon Brooks, Klay Thompson, etc.  Kemba Walker is also there, and there's Jordan Hamilton too.  Personal favorite Tristan Thompson remains as well.  So, who do you like?