Wizards Will Not Consider Trading McGee


My error. It looks like the Wizards will not be looking at moving McGee after all. According to Michael Lee, discussions have not even been held "internally" over trading the player. Update: The error in question was my original Fanpost in which Michael Lee reported the Wizards were shopping McGee. 20 minutes later, the story has changed. Its that time of year...I'll have more up on this later with my thoughts and Mike will chime in on Monday. Further note: Remember the the site rules about discussion, especially around this time of year. Stating "how do you know what he is thinking" may be factually true, but kills conversation dead and it will not be tolerated as an argument. Further, this time of year tends to be rather fractious amongst the community, so please read over what you have written prior to posting. It will lead to less fires having to be put out.