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Bullets Forever "Be the GM" Contest [CLOSED]

Well, with just about every dead horse beaten to Jell-O, with the draft in a mere week, this is the perfect time to have a little fun before we all swallow a bottle of Pepto Bismol Thursday night.  That's right, posters, it's time to see how you stack up against the pimp hand of Destiny.  Without giving undue prejudice to what you would like to see, show me the draft as it breaks down for the Wizards, including any and all draft day transactions from our front office.

This is your chance to see how you stack up against Ernie Grunfeld and his peers.  Twoeightnine design has gotten in on the act, donating the prize for our most prescient posting pontiff!

Conditions of the game; a brief review and a few liberties:

  • You get the 6th, 18th, and 34th picks in the draft.
  • You have $3 million to use in a single transaction, whether you're buying a draft pick or as sweetener in a prospective trade.  Once you've used it, that's it.
  • All players are available for trade, bound by reason and general sanity.
  • Assume all trades will take place after Monday, 8PM ET.  At that point comments will be locked.
  • To keep things easy on the eyes when it's time to calculate, make all initial comments your scenario, and comment as you like as they're proposed.
  • To win, get everything right.  In the event no one calls it, we'll go by whomever is closest, to be determined by editorial fiat.
  • Against the possibility of a tie, include your draft order, picks 1 through 15.  Whoever picks closest to reality takes the cake.

Well, there's the stick, and here's the carrot.  As the faithful are reminded now and then, there are a few 'Big Game James' t-shirts still in stock.  With the James Singleton plying his trade for the Xinjiang Flying Tigers, we had abandoned all hope of finding a home for our remaining tees.  What better way to memorialize Lebron James' epic defeat at the hands of the Dallas Mavericks and three former Wizards than with a sarcastic slogan in a color we'll be all too glad to forget?

Unfortunately, Mike tells me those are gone, so you'll just have to settle for one of the totally sweet John Wall custom designs from twoeightnine design (pictured below).  They've graciously agreed to donate the prize for our little contest, make sure to check out their website!  Sizes available up to XXL!  Ultimately we're about the love for DC, and nothing says DC like these babies.

What are you waiting for?  Whip out those crystal balls and get gazing!


That's right, you want me.