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2011 NBA Draft: Washington Wizards Attending Workout With Jan Vesely, According To Report

So much for Jan Vesely not working out for NBA teams. He's apparently holding a workout in New Jersey, and the Wizards will be one of the teams in attendance. Via Michael Lee:

Wizards Ernie Grunfeld will be among the team talent evaluators in Chicago on Friday to have an individual workout with Turkish big man Enes Kanter, but Kanter isn't the only European player who will have the attention of the Wizards this weekend. According to a league source, the Wizards will be in New Jersey on Sunday to watch athletic forward Jan Vesely of the Czech Republic.

Toronto, Cleveland, Utah and maybe Detroit will also be there, which should give you an idea of his range. The Wizards also saw Vesely last week in the Serbian League title game. Tommy Sheppard was the man there then, so I'd imagine Ernie Grunfeld would want to see Vesely on Sunday Grunfeld will see Enes Kanter work out in Chicago on Friday.

I know a lot of people are down on Vesely, and I too am not that wild about him. But he's got the most big-game experience of anyone in this draft, having played a major role on a high-level European team for several years. High-level European basketball is much more advanced than college hoops, because that's a league of pros. There are a lot of people who love that Vesely is a "winner" and that he plays a role, even if his skills aren't there.