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2011 NBA Mock Drafts All Over Board With Washington Wizards

We're now nine days away from the 2011 NBA Draft, and there's still absolutely no consensus on who the Washington Wizards will take. Four different prominent NBA Mock Drafts have four different players going to the Wizards at No. 6:

Sam Amick, Sports Illustrated: Jonas Valanciunas at No. 6, Jordan Hamilton at No. 18

Here's the disclaimer that doesn't get mentioned nearly enough: The executives themselves won't solidify their short-list opinions until the final week, if not days, before the draft. As a result, it's a toss-up whether the Wizards would opt for Vesely or Valanciunas. I'm opting for Valanciunas simply because I was told weeks ago that he was above Vesely on the Wizards' board. Sources say Washington is also very high on San Diego State small forward Kawhi Leonard.

Tom Ziller, SB Nation: Kawhi Leonard at No. 6, Donatas Motiejunas at No. 18

If the Wizards don't get Vesely, they don't need a point guard. And so: the next best small forward (though many would argue that Marcus Morris deserves more love here). Washington seems sold on Leonard as a solid prospect after his workout in D.C.

Draft Express: Enes Kanter at No. 6, Motiejunas at No. 18 Tristan Thompson at No. 6, Tobias Harris at No. 18

Buckle up as the rumors keep flying.