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Jordan Crawford, John Wall To Model Wizards' New Uniforms

As you probably know, the Washington Wizards will be remodeling their new red, white and blue jerseys, logo and color scheme in a press conference tomorrow. The event will take place at 11 a.m. on the Wizards' practice court, and we'll have live coverage for you then.

We now have more details about which players will actually be there to model the jerseys.  According to a Wizards' press release, it'll be John Wall and Jordan Crawford.  Before you make too much of this, consider that Andray Blatche is in Miami and other players may have scheduling conflicts.  But still, those are the two players, for what it's worth.

Also, Bobby Dandridge, the head of the Wizards' Alumni Association, and Elvin Hayes will be there, along with Ted Leonsis, Flip Saunders, Ernie Grunfeld and others. It'll be a nice mix of past, present and future, which is always something Leonsis like to emphasize.  

UPDATE: FYI, the event will be live on Comcast SportsNet at 11 a.m.  Also, you can buy apparel starting at 11:30, and if you donate "gently worn" old apparel, you get a 10-percent discount on the new stuff.