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Countdown to the NBA Draft Lottery, question #7: T minus 11 days.

Accurately predicting a draft project's growth is tricky business, though oddly enough we should feel relatively comfortable at Ernie Grunfeld's ability to do so, given his track record with the Wizards. Of course, he's never drafted that way in the mid-to high-lottery, but that's your 2011 rookie class. Opinions have varied almost as widely as the number of available choices, so let's have a quick and dirty recap.

The Kyrie Irving crowd will point to the possibility of Nick Young leaving and needing the back court help. But even if he stays; a backcourt of John Wall, Jordan Crawford, Kyrie Irving, and Young Sushi? Good NIGHT! And no less than THREE on rookie contracts for at least THREE more years?? Maybe Brandon Knight fans run the same argument. But then you run into the Portland Trail Blazers problem: an intriguing rotation, but can you find minutes for all of them?

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And of course, the Wizards still have a few piddling issues elsewhere. The Derrick Williams crowd says he can play the 3 or the 4, it's Trevor Booker with three-point range! It's Danny Granger on rollerskates! Another tweener, the others groan. Not quick enough to defend the 3 or big enough to defend the 4. Nonsense, they reply! His frenetic offense will take away their defensive legs and how many true 4s are left in the NBA anyway?

The Enes Kanter crowd screams low post scoring that doesn't involve putbacks or twisting fadeaway layups that get blocked by opposing point guards! Maybe he'll rebound, too! Uh huh, the others say. Based on the mountain of available evidence and the domination of Josh McRoberts in braces? AND he's a Euro. [Editor's note: I might be willing to do it just to stick it to Josh McRoberts.] Not like any you've seen, they reply. If the Ottoman Empire had him back in World War I, we'd all be speaking Turkish.

The Harrison Barnes crowd wonders why the hell he skipped the draft.

Terrence Jones fans agree he's no first option, but also argue we don't need him to be. If there's any team that will develop him and find the time to build his confidence back up on the floor, it's Washington. While you hope for a feature player drafting this high in the lottery, sometimes you just have to hold your breath, and hope for a Gilbert Arenas-like work ethic.

Chad Ford believes the Wizards should take Jan Vesely because he's pogostick AND he STARTED in the Euroleague. Let's hope Ernie is listening ... so what if he can't shoot? Hey, the Wiz need someone who can run with John Wall and jump! I guess Chad Ford forgot we already drafted a quicksilver forward with leaping ability who can't shoot ... except Trevor Booker plays defense AND has a super kewl nickname.

The Bismack Biyombo crowd says they did that weird bone test to figure out his age and he could be as young as sixteen! He has ferocious energy and a lunch pail work ethic! I'm sure a mentor that hosts Lap Dance Tuesday will be a solid influence on a teenager. Yay for his first words in English: "Champagne Room!"

No more than one volume shooting combo guard, Kemba Walker fans.

Jonas Valanciunas fans may post below, so Rook may ban you.