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Does The Capitals' 2011 NHL Playoff Loss Affect Your Confidence In The Wizards' Rebuilding Plan?

As everyone in the district probably knows, the Washington Capitals were swept out of the 2011 NHL Playoffs by the Tampa Bay Lightning last night, their third (and arguably fourth) straight disappointing playoff loss. It's gotten to the point where many people in this town (including me!) are questioning the makeup of the team. Do they really have what it takes to win the ultimate prize? Etc. etc.

When thinking about the Capitals, my mind couldn't help but drift to the Wizards as well. Ted Leonsis has told me and many others that the Capitals are the model to the Wizards' rebuilding effort. When we spoke a few months ago, Leonsis went as far as to say that the Wizards are trying to "replicate in the NBA what we did in the NHL." Obviously, we've spent a lot of time on here suggesting that while a model is important, it ultimately comes down to execution.

That said, we've also sort of assumed that the Capitals were the model. So today's question to all of you is this: does the Capitals' constant failure to win in the playoffs make you question the model they and the Wizards are adopting to rebuild?

Have at it in the comments.