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BF Community NBA Draft Board: Pick No. 1

We're stealing this idea from Sactown Royalty and several other blogs. Hopefully they're cool with it.

We have about three weeks to go until the 2011 NBA Draft, and therefore, it's time to start building our community draft board. To be very clear, this is not a mock draft. Instead, this is what we think should be the list that Ernie Grunfeld and company is going off when they make their picks. In other words, it's essentially a mock draft for the Wizards specifically, given their needs. Interpret that however you want.

We'll run one of these a day leading up to the draft on Thursday, so hopefully, we'll have gone deep enough where at least both of the Wizards' first round picks are covered. So, without further ado, let's start with the first pick.

Who should be the number one player on the Wizards' 2011 NBA Draft board? Vote in the poll.