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Countdown to the NBA Draft Lottery, question No. 6. T minus 14 days.

We've taken a long looks at the Wizards' first round targets, glossing over the very decent selection they'll have in the second round. With a number of likely targets opting out, there's a good chance the Wizards will draft need over best player available. Assuming they don't trade the pick away, it's likely the Wizards will end up drafting a SF and PF somewhere in the first round. There's plenty of youth at the other positions, and question marks as well. The possibility of a lockout adds some confusion here. A lot depends on the organization's plans regarding Nick Young.

One could argue that in the event the Wizards hold onto Sushi, together with John Wall and Jordan Crawford, Mustafa Shakur can hold down the end of the rotation. By the same token, with Andray Blatche, Trevor Booker, Javale McGee, Kevin Seraphin, and Hamady N'Diaye in the front court, they could let things ride there. Well, the Wizards going to draft somewhere, and it looks to be backup PG or C prospect. Make your argument either way.

Value's been had by drafting BPA in the high second, but personally, I'm all for drafting need. The Wizards need rebounding like Boston needs size. At least we don't have to worry about Ernie Grunfeld trading three big guys away for Jeff Green and a second rounder ... and if the guy can shoot, so much the better.