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NBA Draft Notes: Cavaliers Like Jonas Valanciunas More Than Enes Kanter?

So maybe Enes Kanter falls to No. 6 overall after all?  Most of us assumed that the Cavaliers would not pass up Kanter with the No. 4 pick, but it's possible they actually like Jonas Valanciunas more.  That's at least what Jonathan Givony of Draft Express, reporting for Yahoo! Sports, writes:

If his buyout situation will be resolved in a timely fashion, look for Valanciunas to be drafted somewhere between Nos. 3 and 8 overall. He's ahead of Enes Kanter on both Cleveland and Toronto's boards according to reports and has huge fans in Detroit's front office as well.    

That's backed up by a tweet from Scott Sargent of Waiting For Next Year, who is pretty plugged in with the Cavaliers.  The issue with Valanciunas for many teams is that his buyout situation is complicated, but Givony reports that there's been a lot of progress on that front recently.

Reminder: the draft is still over a month away.

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