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Washington Wizards Links: 2011 NBA Mock Draft Time!


So the Wizards will have the sixth, 18th and 34th picks in the 2011 NBA Draft.  You know what this means, right?  2011 NBA Mock Draft time!  YEAHHHHHH!!  GET EXCITED!!  YOU HEAR ME JOHN WALL?

OK, now relax.  Here's where we stand right now:

So yeah, a mixed bag.  More links below the jump:


  • John Wall brings his mother as a good luck charm, but it doesn't work. [Michael Lee]
  • On how following the "Oklahoma City Model" means nailing this draft.  Stuff we've covered here, but maybe isn't grasped by people in the Washington Post's audience. [Jason Reid]
  • The Wizards return to a familiar, unlucky place. [SB Nation D.C.]
  • The Wizards have sent scouts overseas, which will come in handy now. [Carla Peay]
  • An ongoing rundown of the Wizards' draft options - keep checking it out. [Bismack Biyombo | Jan Vesely]
  • John Wall says the Wizards can "still find somebody." [CSN Washington]
  • But he also says this isn't a good draft. [Brian Jackson]
  • Should the Wizards "seriously consider" moving up, as Michael Lee suggests?  Eh.  This doesn't feel like the right draft to try that, unless Derrick Williams somehow starts slipping.   
  • Ernie Grunfeld says John Wall should have been Rookie of the Year, since Blake Griffin wasn't a real rookie. [Wizards Insider]

Around the league

  • Really great study on the draft and what it means to have each pick.  Highly recommend this one. [Brew Hoop]
  • Past No. 6 overall picks. [via DavidDunn]
  • David Kahn said some really dumb things about how the lottery might be rigged.  During his speech, he made light of the Wizards winning last year because it was a good story in the wake of Abe Pollin's death.  Was he kidding?  Watch for yourself, but based on my experience interviewing people, it didn't look like he was.  Normally, people follow jokes with a "but seriously" line, but Kahn didn't.  Maybe it was a stretch, but there was definitely an element of frustration to it. []
  • Dirk Nowitzki scored 48 points on 15 shots last night, which is insane.  Here's a feature I wrote on why all the ways teams used to try to guard him don't work anymore. []