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2011 NBA Draft Order: Washington Wizards To Pick Sixth

Well that certainly didn't turn out the way we hoped. In what was already being predicted as a historically weak draft, the Wizards have now bottomed out to pick in the sixth spot. The bright side (if there is one) is that this is where Ernie Grunfeld can work a bit of his magic. There is always the possibility that Grunfeld could dangle the sixth pick and Andray Blatche and see what kinds of offer they receive. The other hope is that Grunfeld and Co. have been preparing for this eventuality all year, and they have some sort of plan for who they want to select at six.

I guess we can hold out hope that Enes Kanter working out against a chair is going to send his draft status plummeting. Likely? No. But we can always hold out hope. Maybe Grunfeld can spin some gold out of this straw. Maybe he can find another Dirk Nowitzki. Personally, I would look at moving out of the six pick and acquire a veteran with a few years of upside left.