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Washington Wizards Links: All About 2011 NBA Draft Lottery


That image is from this CSN Washington report.  Now you know how much of a chance the Wizards have to get each pick in the 2011 NBA Draft lottery tonight.  Onto the links.

General information

  • The lottery will begin at 8:30 p.m. on ESPN.  We'll be opening a thread well before then. [SB Nation D.C.]
  • Here are the odds for each team to win the number one pick. []
  • The only team to win the lottery with the fourth-worst record was San Antonio back in 1987.  As noted here, it hasn't happened since the current weighted odds system began in 1994. [@MrMichaelLee]
  • I'm sure most of you have done this already, but here's the ESPN lottery simulator. [ESPN]

Wizards-specific lottery stuff

  • Lots of attention was given to Irene Pollin's lucky jacket last year, but Ernie Grunfeld had a good-luck charm he used too.  He's using it again this year. [Michael Lee]
  • The Wizards are hoping John Wall brings them good luck again. [Carla Peay, Washington Times]
  • Talking with the editor of about this year's draft. [SB Nation D.C.]
  • My little brief for on the Wizards' draft needs.
  • This would be a bad year to get unlucky. [Craig Stouffer]
  • Blog buddy Mark Haubs of The Painted Area thinks the Wizards winning the lottery again would be the best outcome for the NBA as a whole. [ESPN Five on Five]
  • An argument that Derrick Williams' most likely landing spot is in D.C., because the Wizards would take him No. 1 overall when no other team would, or something. []
  • An argument for why the No. 3 pick is better than No. 1 because it means the Wizards get Enes Kanter, or something. [Wizards Extreme]

General lottery stuff

  • An anonymous executive calls this year's draft "horrendous" [Marc Spears, Yahoo!]
  • Five teams that need to win the lottery most, none of which are the Wizards. [Pro Basketball Talk]
  • Depending on how the ping-pong balls shake out, this year's draft could offer more problems than solutions. [Jonathan Abrams, New York Times]
  • A look at Kahwi Leonard's latest workout.  He's definitely shooting up draft boards. [Draft Express]

Miscellaneous Wizards stuff

  • John Wall and Jordan Crawford discuss their budding bromance. 
  • Steve Buckhantz got married last weekend! [CSN Washington]
  • Zach Harper's been doing this hilarious rip-off of "Gone Fishin'" called "Hanging With Blatche."  This one of Dray and Kevin Garnett is unbelievable. [SuperCoolZs]