Marcus Morris on our draft list?

I know the general consensus is Derrick Williams, Kanter, or Vesely. But if we drop a couple of spots like the Warriors did last year I don't think it will be that bad being that Forward Marcus Morris will most likely be available. If you guys didn't know, Marcus Morris was the face of Kansas basketball last year along with his brother Markieff.

(Morris being the better prospect than Markieff)

Although he played Power Forward at Kansas, he has the ability to play Small Forward as well and his ability to take people off the dribble was the reason why he was the leading scorer at the JayHawk program.

Honestly, I would take Marcus Morris over Vesley. I watch a full game with Vesely playing and wasn't as impressed as his highlights had me. He dunks a lot but many times his teammates throw up alley oops to him and he can't catch it due to his butterfingers, I saw that happen about 6 times by the way. Marcus Morris doesn't have a questionable jumper like Jan Vesely and can stroke it from mid-range all day. He isn't the best athlete but I noticed that he doesn't have much trouble defending out in the perimeter.

Marcus Morris showing some NBA 3-point range(Mentions that he thinks he is a Small Forward):

DraftExpress' Strength and Weakness Profile(with video):

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