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PHOTOS: Washington Wizards Unveil New Jerseys, Logo, Colors


WASHINGTON, D.C. - So, the Wizards have finally unveiled their new jerseys, and I, for one, am a fan.  Everyone at the Verizon Center seems to be too, though that is to be expected.  Pretty much everyone emphasized the importance of paying homage to the past, and there's an element of every era of this team's franchise in there.  I personally like the "DC" thing with the arms and the ball, because it reminds me of the logo I grew up on.

Anyway, we'll have more later and several pictures below the jump.  But first, a couple nuggets for you:

  • The Wizards will also be changing the colors on the court by some point before next season.  They will incorporate the red, white and blue colors.
  • The primary logo is the "Wizards" one, with the D as the monument. The "D.C." and the picture of the basketball with the Washington Monument is a secondary logo.
  • Greg Bibb said the process was a year in the making.
  • John Wall will represent the Wizards at next week's NBA Draft lottery.  He said he has no good luck charm, other than Irene Pollin's gold jacket.  He joked he wants to take it and wear it.
  • I talked to Elvin Hayes for a while about the alumni program, and I'll type it up for you in a bit.
Otherwise, we all know what you're here for.  So behold, here are some pictures for you.