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Atlanta Hawks Roll Over And Play Dead For Washington Wizards

So was this a great performance by the Washington Wizards or a scurrilous display of phoning it in by the Atlanta Hawks. Whichever the case, the Wizards wanted it more tonight and got after every loose ball and deflected rebound. Perhaps the most telling stat was that halfway through the fourth quarter the Wizards has only made three 3-PT attempts, yet still lead the game by almost 30. It was a terrible display of interior defense by the Hawks, and one that JaVale McGee and company were only too happy to exploit.

Plus, the Hawks just got D-Leagued into oblivion

I'm not sure who on the Hawks besides Hilton Armstrong are in the last year of their contracts, but it might have behooved Larry Drew to play guys with something left to prove rather than let Joe Johnson et al. sleepwalk through this game. The Hawks look like a team that is about to get swept and further discourage a stalled fanbase.

More later.