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Atlanta Hawks At Washington Wizards: Regular Season Game 80 Open Thread

Apologies for the brief game thread, but I just stepped off the train and want to rush to the locker room. Here is a bit to tide you over....

Update: The Wizards left a VCU jersey in Kirk Hinrich's locker to tease him about Kansas' loss against the Final Four underdog. Also, Mo Evans was mobbed by his Atlanta teammates as he is evidently a locker room favorite.

Obviously, most of tonight's discussion will revolve around Jordan Crawford's first outing against the team that traded him away at the deadline. One could expect Crawford to try and score 50 tonight, but Flip mentioned in the pregame that if he sees Crawford going for his, he will simply remove him from the equation.

This game is a win/win for the Wizards because if they triumph they help rise the stock of their second first round pick while if they lose it means more lottery balls.


Wizards Starters

PG Wall

SG Crawford

SF Evans

PF Blatche

C McGee

Hawks Starters

PG Hinrich

SG Johnson

SF Williams

PF Horford

C Pachulia


Jordan Crawford attempts

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