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Detroit Pistons at Washington Wizards: Regular Season Game 77 Open Thread

I'm at Verizon Center. More later, but for now, here's your space to get the discussion going.

UPDATE: A couple quick notes, since I'm almost out of time.

  1. With six players injured, the Wizards will only dress nine guys tonight, and likely for the rest of the season. They are at the 15-man roster unit, and would have to release a player to sign a new one. "We'd like to get somebody, and Ernie and his staff are looking to see what's available. If we can find somebody who can help us down the stretch, we'll do it," Flip Saunders said.
  2. Detroit will start Will Bynum, Rip Hamilton, Tayshaun Prince, Greg Monroe and Chris Wilcox.
  3. A new one for me: Flip said Cartier Martin has a stress fracture in his foot and may need to have surgery.
  4. I asked Flip about the differences between the chemistry with Jordan Crawford alongside John Wall as opposed to Nick Young. Saunders was very complimentary of the way Crawford has played, saying "Nick is more of a scorer, [but] Jordan is more multi-dimensional." He then noted how the turnovers have gone down with a Crawford/Wall backcourt as opposed to a Young/Wall backcourt, and also discussed how he thinks the two can continue to play together.
  5. Worth noting as well: Flip didn't bite when I asked him if there was something Wall/Crawford don't do as well as Wall/Young. "I haven't really thought about that. I haven't really sat down and thought about that. The main thing is ... we've won three of the last four."
  6. This is a snippet of John Wall's pregame shooting drills with Sam Cassell. I'll try to post something more complete later. Feel free to make fun of the videographer.