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Countdown to the draft lottery, question #4: T minus 21 days

A quick review of poll results so far reveals a community consensus; unless we strike gold in the draft lottery and are able to target a team desperate to trade up should disaster befall them (Cavaliers and Timberwolves, we're looking at you), our best bet is to stand pat and draft for need. The need versus best player available is an old one, but in a draft as uncertain as this, anyone outside of Kyrie Irving is a roll of the dice with help needed everywhere else, so BPA is a fairly moot point.

That brings us to today's question; with the understanding we'll likely be drafting a project, which project are you most comfortable with? With rumors that management is intrigued by Derrick Williams, we'll say for the sake of argument both Williams and Irving are off the board. The meteoric rise of Bismack Biyombo's draft stock after a sensational Hoop Summit and agent fueled rumors he could be young as 16 or 17 will merit consideration, even if his lack of offensive ability would make a pairing with Javale McGee problematic. Enes Kanter has been talked to death. Terrence Jones is enjoying a groundswell of support in the forums. Please, no Kemba Walker.